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Ted & Granddaughter on 4 wheelers, South of the Inn

Ted & I  started “Kasper’s Kountryside Inn” in 2002. We are both natives of Idaho.  I was born on a ranch in Teton Valley and  I  am a 4th Generation Teton Valley resident.   Ted was raised in North Idaho.  We love the country we live in.  Ted hunts and fishes.  I ski and we both Snowshoe and Snowmobile. We Hike and occasionally Backpack in the summer and we do a lot of berry picking!  (Huckleberries!!)

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Skiing in the Canyons of Teton Valley

We love music and the cultural arts and are actively involved in those things in our community.

We love having a Bed and Breakfast Inn where people like to come.  We also love people telling us we live in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  We love the spirit of the valley and the history that goes with it.  We hope you will come and enjoy it with us.  We look forward to making your vacation the best vacation yet!!!!


Teton Valley was initially populated by The ShoshoneBannock and Northern Paiute Indian tribes before Lewis and Clark made their epic trek across the area in 1805.

Views of the Teton Valley from Bed and Breakfast InnTeton Valley has been the site of the annual Rocky Mountain Fur Rendezvous, in 1829 and 1832.[3] At the Rendezvous, trappers from the Rockies would go to sell their furs and traders would come in to provide supplies. Indian tribes such as the Flathead and Nez Perce would also attend the rendezvous. In the summer of 1832, a battle was fought between the trappers, Flatheads and Nez Perce with the Blackfeet Indian Tribe near Victor, Idaho.

In 1834, Pierre-Jean De Smet held the first religious service in the West in Teton Valley.[4] Teton Valley is formally known as Pierre’s Hole, named by the trappers who gathered there each summer, after Pierre-Jean De Smet.

From 1841 to 1868, over 300,000 whites migrated over the South Pass, about 150 miles south of Teton Valley. The migrations were due to the California Gold Rush of 1849 and the migration of the Mormons to avoid religions persecution. The migrating groups took over lands that belonged to The Bannock, Nez Perce and Blackfeet. The Nez Perce tribe retreated towards Canada only to be captured short of the border.

The completion of the transcontinental railroad and the Homestead Act of 1862 brought many settlers into Teton Valley. Some of the present day inhabitants of Teton Valley are fifth generation descendants of the early settlers.

taken from WIKIPEDIA

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This is a photo that was taken from the guest Deck!! Beautiful stars at night.


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Yellowstone/Teton Activites
“An amazing place to stay!! Shona’s place is very close to multiple ski resorts and is close to town. The place is perfect for cooking meals, relaxing, and the washer/dryer is a great addition! They always had the driveway cleared of snow and would even clean off our car for us (totally unexpected)!! I highly recommend staying here.”

"Our stay was amazing! The rooms were immaculate and had all the comforts of home!"

"Beautiful property, my kids loved running around after being in car for a while, swing set and trampoline were so nice for them. Having a full kitchen was so nice to cook breakfast in. Even just having a coffee pot was nice, we sat on the deck and enjoyed a cup of coffee, Bathroom was huge, it was very spacious for 5 of us. The view from the deck was gorgeous."

"Great place to stay in quiet area. We loved the deck with the beautiful mountain view. I would stay again."

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